Release 2014.1

The following fixes were made for this release:

31299 - Improvements to the Status Monitor

The Status Monitor, which displays synchronization information for branch-stream mappings, has been improved for GitCentric 2014.1:

  • The user interface is labeled.
  • The Status row now shows the task name first, then the phase. For example, FullExport: streamToCommit - Process Elements.
  • When a bridge task completes, the Status area now displays Idle.

32096 - Improvements to the AccuRev Connector

The user interface and messages associated with the AccuRev Connector were enhance for GitCentric 2014.1 to improve usability.

32332 - Installer improvements

The installer has a number of improvements, including:

  • In previous releases, if the installer did not locate software required by GitCentric (PostgreSQL or AccuRev, for example), it simply displayed None in the Version column of the table listing required software. This problem has been corrected in the current release, and the installer now displays <software tool name> not found when it is unable to locate required software. (33178)
  • The console mode now allows you to specify alternate locations for Linux binary dependencies. (32332)
Note: The uninstaller now completely overwrites the existing GitCentric installation, including the GitCentric database. See GitCentric Installation Notes for important information regarding this change. (32392, 32464, 33683)

32630 - Incorrect syntax used for root paths

In previous releases, the GitCentric bridge did not display the mount point tree correctly. This problem has been corrected in the current release.

32742 - Server properties checked each time Tomcat is started

An enhancement in GitCentric 2013.3 (31617) automated the specification of the GitCentric server’s URL and UUID. An enhancement in GitCentric 2014.1 ensures that these settings are checked (and, if necessary, reset) each time the GitCentric bridge is restarted.

32879 - GitCentric now uses JGit

Previous versions of GitCentric, including the GitCentric installer itself, relied on Git. GitCentric now uses an internal copy of JGit, removing the dependency on an installed Git.

32889 - New: Tools for Browsing the Repository

GitCentric 2014.1 introduces several new tools that make it easy to explore the repository:

  • The Commits page lets you view the commit history of a specific branch or tag. The Commits page is displayed by default when you start GitCentric.
  • The Source Tree page lets you review the files - new, deleted, or modified - associated with a specific commit. Clicking a text file displays its contents in a file viewer, which can be useful when developers are troubleshooting problems with new code.
  • The Branches page helps you determine how divergent branches in a repository have become, enabling you to take appropriate action on “dead” or “stale” branches (by merging or pruning, for example).

As part of this change, the GitCentric user interface has undergone several other changes to improve usability:

  • The GitCentric user documentation is now displayed using the help (?) button.
  • User account information is accessible using the My Account link in the user list.
  • Repository, group, and server administration functions are available from the Administration button on the top right of the GitCentric interface.
  • GitCentric notes the repository and branch that are active at the time you log out, and uses that information to return to the selected repository and branch the next time you log in.

33068 - Initial empty commits now performed automatically

GitCentric now enforces the best practice of making an initial empty commit when creating a repository.

33071 - Clone command now uses SSH

In previous releases, GitCentric used the HTTP protocol as the default for Git clone commands copied on the General panel of the Repositories page. GitCentric now uses the SSH protocol as the default for copied Git clone commands.

33130 - ACCUREV_HOME now set to a new directory

In previous releases, the bridge set the ACCUREV_HOME environment variable to <tomcat_install>/temp each time an AccuRev command was run. Using the /temp directory had the potential to interfere with the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol introduced in AccuRev 6.1. To resolve this problem, the GitCentric installation creates a new directory, <gc_installer>/AccuRevGitCentric/accurev, and the bridge now sets ACCUREV_HOME to it. If you have implemented SSL for your AccuRev installation, the SSL certificates must be placed in <gc_installer>/AccuRevGitCentric/accurev/.accurev.

33247 - XML replies to REST API calls are properly escaped

In previous releases, GitCentric did not properly escape special characters in the XML replies to REST API calls initiated by the GitCentric bridge - typically success and failure messages - and this sometimes caused an error during GitCentric operations. This problem has been corrected in the current release.

33267 - Commit authors can now reuse email addresses

In previous releases, pushes would fail if the same email address was associated with multiple commit authors, as could be the case when one user used the same email address across multiple servers. This problem has been corrected in the current release: GitCentric now includes the AccuRev Server ID when querying for the email address, which resolves most cases. In the event that a unique email address cannot be determined, GitCentric rejects the push and displays an error message indicating the reason.

33452 - Initial export operation is retried when the AccuRev session expires

In previous releases, the initial export operation that populates a Git branch mapped to an AccuRev stream would sometimes time-out when the AccuRev stream was the source. Rather than trying to log in the GitCentric user and trying the operation again, GitCentric would behave as if the operation succeeded, but creating multiple 0-length files in the repository as a result.

This problem has been corrected in the current release, and if the GitCentric user session times out during a lengthy operation, it attempts to log in the GitCentric user and try the operation again.

33599 - Security errors displayed in the GitCentric GUI

In previous releases, when security-related errors occurred (401 Unauthorized, 403 Forbidden, and 405 Method not allowed, for example) they were written only to the kandoGerrit.log file. In GitCentric 2014.1, security-related error messages are now displayed in a dialog box allowing for easier troubleshooting and diagnosis.

33731 - Gerrit Code Review upgraded to 2.7

GitCentric 2014.1 uses Gerrit Code Review Version 2.7.

33760 - Import History removed from GitCentric 2014.1

The ability to import the complete Git history of the repository into AccuRev, which was in Beta in the previous release, has been temporarily