Moving GitCentric to a New Machine

One variation of the GitCentric installation process involves moving GitCentric repositories to a new

machine on which a new version of GitCentric is installed, as might be required after you have upgraded a server, for example. The following steps outline the procedure to follow.

Note: Refer to Moving the AccuRev Server and Repository to Another Machine in the AccuRev Administrator’s Guide for information related to moving AccuRev.

To move GitCentric to a new machine:

On the Existing Machine

Using tar or a similar copy utility, make a copy of all Git repositories that are mapped to AccuRev. Git repositories are saved in your <gc_home>/site/git directory.

On the New Machine

  1. Install GitCentric as described in GitCentric Installation.
  2. Drop the GitCentric repositories you copied previously to <gc_home>/site/git in the new GitCentric installation.
  3. Stop and restart Tomcat:
  4. Configure your new GitCentric installation. At a minimum, this requires creating new branch-stream mappings to associate your Git repositories with your AccuRev depots. In addition, users will need to re-register with GitCentric.

    For more information, see Map a Git Branch to an AccuRev Stream in Chapter 2 in the GitCentric User’s Help for information on this and other configuration topics.