Summary of Steps

Use the steps below to install the product:
  1. Install Linux, if necessary. The GitCentric server needs to run on a Linux host. See Linux Installation.
  2. Create (or identify) a <gc_installer> OS administrative user, and log in to this account to perform the rest of the installation. You will also continue to use this account to start and stop servers. See Linux Installation. This user should also have a corresponding AccuRev account that is a member of the Admin group.
  3. Download the components you will need to install (AccuRev installer, GitCentric installer, AccuRev and GitCentric license keys, and so on). See Linux Installation, and AccuRev Installation for download instructions.
  4. As OS user <gc_installer>, install the AccuRev Server (5.6 or higher) , AccuRev Web UI Server , and AccuRev Client. See AccuRev Installation.
  5. As OS user <gc_installer>, install GitCentric. See GitCentric Installation.
  6. Restart Tomcat.
  7. Configure GitCentric and AccuRev. This consists of at the following steps:
    1. Add ASSIGN_USER_PRIVILEGE role in the AccuRev Server configuration file (acserver.cnf) Restart AccuRev Server for this change to take effect.
    2. Copy from <gc_home>/bin to <ac_home>/storage/site_slice/triggers.
    3. Edit the (after it is copied) to have the correct path to the accurev client on the line beginning '$::AccuRev ='
    4. On the AccuRev Server, establish a persistent AccuRev login with accurev login -n <user> <password>.
      Note: Step 3 and 4 are required for the script to run AccuRev commands when the trigger fires
  8. Configure the file in the AccuRev triggers directory. See GitCentric Installation.
    Note: If you are using GitCentric in a replication environment, perform all AccuRev Server configuration on the AccuRev master server.
  9. Bring up the GitCentric Web UI and log in. See Initial GitCentric Log In.