If You Cannot Log In

If your first attempt to connect to the GitCentric Web UI server fails with an error such as Unable to Connect (Mozilla Firefox), The webpage cannot be displayed (Internet Explorer), This webpage is not available (Google Chrome), or something similar, check that:

If you can see the initial connection dialog (described in Initial Initial GitCentric Log In), but it is rejecting the values you enter, double-check that you are specifying the correct server and port values, and particularly that you are specifying the complete path to the AccuRev client executable on that server.

If you can see the login dialog, but get Invalid User name or password errors, check the usual credential details like correct spelling and proper password, and if these look correct, extend your troubleshooting to see if the AccuRev Server is actually up and running, and that its license server is also up and running. (“Username and password” errors can sometimes be caused by factors beyond the login credentials.) Test that you can actually log directly into the AccuRev Server with the same credentials.

If you still have problems, proceed through the following troubleshooting procedures and suggestions.