GitCentric Release 2015.1

AccuRev GitCentric Release 2015.1 provides new features and enhancements, and it addresses issues

reported in previous GitCentric releases. Highlights of GitCentric Release 2015.1 include:

New SSH command to delete repositories
GitCentric 2015.1 supports deleting repositories using a new SSH command, gitcentric delete-repo. See Appendix C. Command-Line Reference in the User’s Help for more information.
New backup and restore commands
GitCentric 2015.1 introduces two new commands for backup and restore operations, and These commands provide broader functionality than the current backupdbs and restoredbs commands and make it easier to migrate an existing GitCentric installation to a new server. See Appendix B. Backup and Restore n the User’s Help for more information.
Support for GitCentric and AccuRev Servers on different hosts
In previous releases, specifying any value other than localhost for the GitCentric bridge host name in gerrit.config prevented you from hosting GitCentric and AccuRev Servers on different machines. This problem has been corrected in the current release, and you can now specify the machine name or IP address of the GitCentric bridge host.