Generic Names Used During Installation

The setup process involves a number of configurable elements.

Tip: Use the Name at Your Site column in the following table to record the names you plan to use.
Generic Name Description Name at Your Site
<gc_installer> Linux admin OS account for installing AccuRev, GitCentric, etc. If you have an existing AccuRev server on Linux, this should be the account you used to install it, such as acserver. If you are starting from scratch, you can create a new one such as gcadmin.
<gc_sync_user> This is the AccuRev “service account” (typically gcSyncUser) that GitCentric uses to automatically keep Git and AccuRev in sync. This is a member of the scm_bridge_group group, which is set to be the value of ASSIGN_USER_PRIVILEGE in the acserver.cnf configuration file on each AccuRev server controlled by GitCentric. For any single mapped repository, there is an AccuRev user who is the service account.
Note: The <gc_sync_user> should not be a member of an AccuRev administrator group.
<gc_home> Location where GitCentric is installed. This is typically: (Linux) ~<gc_installer>/AccuRevGitCentric
<ac_home> Location where AccuRev is installed. For GitCentric, this is typically:

(Linux) ~<gc_installer>/accurev (but sometimes /opt/accurev or elsewhere).

Note: If you are using AccuRev in a replication environment, this is the location of the AccuRev master server.
<tomcat_install> Location where the Tomcat web server is installed. For GitCentric, this is typically: (Linux) <ac_home>/WebUI/tomcat.
<db-port> Port number that the database server runs on. Defaults to 5075.
<db-admin-name> Name of the database superuser. Defaults to postgres.
<db-admin-pass> Password for <db-admin-name>.