General: Servers

To confirm if the Tomcat web server is running at all, from a web browser running on the server, enter:


If you get the generic Apache Software Foundation page, the Tomcat server is at least is running, and your problem is further downstream.

Note: If you have multiple Tomcat installations, this could cause the GitCentric installation to hang. Set $CATALINA_HOME to point to the Tomcat which is supposed to work with GitCentric.

To confirm if the AccuRev Server is running and configured, try logging in from the AccuRev Command Line Interface:

> accurev login

If you get a Connection refused...AccuRev Error: 1 message, try starting the server with:

> <ac_home>/bin/acserverctl start

To confirm if the AccuRev PostgreSQL database is running and recognizes the GitCentric database:

> <ac_home>/postgresql/bin/psql -h localhost -U postgres -p 5075 -l

That last argument is hyphen-lower-case-el, not hyphen-numeral-one.

You should get a display showing all databases and their owners. If AccuRev appears in this list but kando does not, you need to re-examine the installation steps (or your manual steps) executing the kandoMaintain command. If you cannot bring up this list at all, you need to re-examine your steps installing and starting the AccuRev Server (which also install and start the PostgreSQL server).