Initial GitCentric Log In

Before you log into GitCentric for the first time, ensure that:

SSH Key Generation

If you do not already have an SSH key, generate one now from the operating system command line:

> ssh-keygen -t rsa -C “<your_email>@<your_domain>”

This creates a populated subdirectory at ~/.ssh. You will need the contents of ~/.ssh/ in upcoming steps. The topic of SSH keys is beyond the scope of this document, but there is a great deal of information on the web that you can locate with your favorite search engine. One site that has relevant information is

Log In and Self-Register

Point your browser to the GitCentric installation. If you chose defaults during installation, the address should be similar to:


Adjust the 8080 port if necessary.

Since you are the first user to log into GitCentric after installation, you are presented with a one-time bootstrap screen which asks you to specify the AccuRev server and some additional information. No GitCentric menus are visible in the GUI at this point.

Note: When you complete this screen, you are automatically added to the Administrators group, so you should make sure that an administrator is, in fact, the first user to log into a new GitCentric installation.
AccuRev Server
This is the host of the AccuRev Server used with GitCentric. You may add other AccuRev Servers later, but this is the AccuRev Server where the GitCentric database and Tomcat web server reside, and is typically on the same machine as the GitCentric installation. The value can be the name of the server, an IP address (not recommended), or localhost. Note that if you are connecting to GitCentric from a remote machine via your web browser, localhost indicates the AccuRev Server on the host you are connecting to, not your local machine where you started your browser. Examples:
This is the AccuRev port number, and is typically 5050.
CLI Path
This is the path to the AccuRev Client executable on the GitCentric server that should be used to communicate with the AccuRev Server. For example: <ac_home>/bin/accurev Where <ac_home> is the actual installation directory, such as /home/<gc_installer>/accurev. The GitCentric server requires either a master AccuRev Server or a compatible AccuRev Client installed locally. In the case where you are using AccuRev Servers of different revision levels, you must have a compatible client installed on the GitCentric server machine for each version of the AccuRev Server you are using, and each must be configured with GitCentric using its specific path.

For example, if you need to work with two AccuRev Servers -- one running version 5.7 and one running version 6.2, you would need two AccuRev clients installed on the GitCentric server: one 5.7 client to work with the 5.7 server, and a separate 6.2 client to work with the 6.2 server. Example:

User Name

The AccuRev user account on this server that you use.

If you are an administrator, this would be the account that you use for GitCentric configuration, and might be an account such as acserver if you have legacy AccuRev systems.

For example: <gc_installer>.
The password for the specified AccuRev user. For example: <gc_installer_password>.