General: The Tomcat Logs

The best troubleshooting tool, once you get past the basic installation and get the GitCentric installation running, is the Tomcat server logs.

Whenever something is not working right, these logs should be your first stop. In order of usefulness:


You should cd to the Tomcat logs directory, and dump out the last several lines from the most recent log files. For example:

> tail -75 kandoBridge.log|more

Scroll through and look for error messages that can help point you to problems with ports or database names, or missing directories, and so on.

Example: One common error is You are not authorized to use the -U option., which appears when files fail to appear in the AccuRev stream after being pushed from Git. This indicates that there is a problem with the ASSIGN_USER_PRIVILEGE setting in acserver.cnf.


You can modify the settings in the following file to control the level of details logged:

<tomcat_home>/webapps/[kandoBridge | gitcentric]/WEB-INF/classes/

You can also check the AccuRev Server logs: