GitCentric Installation

Except where noted below, first-time GitCentric installations and upgrades from previous GitCentric

releases are the same.

Refer to Generic names used during installation during this procedure.
  1. Log in as the <gc_installer> administrative user (which you should have created above in Linux Installation). <gc_installer> should be the same user that installed AccuRev.
    Note: If you have just installed AccuRev for the first time as described in the previous section, you should log out and log back into the OS to ensure that environment variables which the AccuRev installer appended to your .profile (JRE_HOME and LD_LIBRARY_PATH) have been set and are available to the GitCentric installer.
  2. Get a copy of the latest GitCentric installer and save it in your Downloads directory. You can get the GitCentric installer from the Micro Focus SupportLine web site:
  3. The GitCentric installation assumes that the Tomcat web server is running, and that “hot deploy” mode is enabled (this is the default mode when Tomcat is installed). If your site has turned off this mode, we recommend that you turn it back on for the duration of the installation process by setting autoDeploy to true in the Tomcat server.xml configuration file.
  4. Make sure that the AccuRev database server is running. You can use the following commands to verify that the database server is running:
    > <ac_home>/postgresql/bin/psql -h localhost -U <db-admin-name> -p <db-port> -l
    Note: The final option for the psql command is hyphen lower-case el.
  5. From the Downloads directory, run the installer, where <AccuRevGitCentricInstall> is the name of the current GitCentric installation package, such as AccuRevGitCentric_2017_1_00_Linux_x86.bin:
    > sh ./<AccuRevGitCentricInstall>.bin
    Note: You can run the installer in a non-graphical console mode with the -i option:
    > sh ./<AccuRevGitCentricInstall>.bin -i console

    The installer will automatically run in console mode if it determines that it is unable to run in graphical mode.

  6. The installer procedure is fairly self-explanatory. Note the following:
    • Adjust the path of the AccuRev server as necessary, and ensure that the path is accurate. For example, if the default assumes /home/<gc_installer>/accurev and the server is actually located at /opt/accurev, adjust the path accordingly.
      Note: If you are using AccuRev in a replication environment, this is the location of the master AccuRev Server.
    • Adjust the path of the GitCentric installation as necessary. Again, if the default is /home/<gc_installer>/AccuRevGitCentric and you want to install in /opt/AccuRevGitCentric, adjust the path accordingly.
      Note: If you install in /opt or some other root-owned directory, you must use pseudo commands to create the installation directory and ensure that ownership and permissions are correct. For Upgrades only: If you are upgrading an existing GitCentric installation, you must specify

      the existing installation path as the location for the new GitCentric installation.

  7. Restart Tomcat: