Access Page

The Access menu allows you to apply GitCentric group-based permissions (ACLs) on your repositories.

These ACLs are derived from Gerrit Code Review ACLs.

Procedural information for setting ACLs is provided at Configure Access Rights (ACLs) for a Repo

Overview and detailed information about group-based ACLs is provided at:

Most ACLs take Allow, Deny, or Block values. However, Label Verified and Label Code-Review take numeric values which are displayed as reviewer options on the Code Review page.

Each permission provides an Exclusive checkbox, which grants an exclusive ref-level access control so that only members of a specific group can perform an operation on a repository-reference pair. See the Access Controls topic in the Gerrit Code Review documentation for more information.

The Push and Push Annotated Tag permissions also provide a Force Push option which allows an existing branch to be deleted. Since a force push is effectively a delete immediately followed by a create, but performed atomically on the server and logged, this option also permits forced push updates to branches. Enabling this option allows existing commits to be discarded from a project history.