Troubleshooting Change Package Errors

Note: This section is for system administrators only.

Your users may see change package error messages upon a push, and they must contact you as the GitCentric administrator for assistance in rectifying them. Errors are generated when GitCentric synchronizes the push with the AccuRev Server, and the AccuRev Server encounters a problem with the elements that comprise the change package. You (the GitCentric administrator) must act as a liaison to the AccuRev side of the world, including understanding change package errors and helping your end-users correct them. The following table summarizes some errors you might encounter and what you can do to address them.

Change Package Required
An issue must be included in the commit comments, in the format dictated by the regular expression that was specified when change packages were enabled.
Use git commit --amend to effectively rewrite the commit message.
Issue did not meet criteria
Typically means that the commit comment was present and generally formatted correctly, but the state of the AccuWork issue was incorrect (for example, Completed instead of WIP).
Use git commit --amend to effectively rewrite the commit message.
cpk merge required
Results during parallel development when two users make changes on the same file related to the same issue and one user tries to push his or her changes before pulling the other’s, creating the merge requirement.
To address an existing error, you will need to create a new issue and push changes against it. To avoid such problems in the future, instead of using a simple git pull, use git pull --rebase to provide serialized commits, avoiding the need to separately merge remote changes in your branch.
Note: If the push command proceeds far enough to scan for issues, it outputs the issue it has detected in the commit message (“Issue(s):” ... for example). If the push command fails, reviewing this output may provide information that can help you troubleshoot any problems with the regular expression that was used to specify the commit message.

For understanding and correcting change package errors that are caused beyond the GitCentric regular expression filter, please consult the AccuRev on-line help, which includes all AccuRev documentation.

Use the search mechanism for change package discussions, particularly in the Concepts Guide and Technical Notes.