Test Your Mapping Status

Note: This section is for system administrators only.

When you save your mapping, GitCentric synchronizes the contents of the Git branch and the AccuRev stream by importing (branch-to-stream) and exporting (stream-to-branch) files as necessary. The status summary appears in the Status column of the Branch-Stream Mappings table. The status is updated every five seconds. When it displays Idle, the synchronization has completed.

To view details of this synchronization, including information about whether the import succeeded or failed, click the View Details button to display the Status Monitor. See Status Monitor on page 69 for more information. If the synchronization failed, see the following Troubleshooting section for pointers on addressing any errors.

Create a Clone and Test It

At this point, your Git users can create clones of the repo (within the limitations of whatever security settings you define). See Create a Clone From a GitCentric Repository. Whenever new content is pushed to the repo, it will automatically be reflected in the mapped AccuRev stream. On the AccuRev side, any content that is promoted into the mapped stream will automatically appear in the repository.


If the initial import/export operation failed after the mapping, check the following:

  • Check Administration > Repositories > <repoName> > AccuRev Connector/Branches for the status and the current branch SHA.
  • Check the Status Monitor for import and export failure messages.
  • Use the kandoMaintain command (see kandoMaintain Utility) to enable PRESERVE_TEMP_FILES and ACCUREV_COMMAND_LOG debug configuration settings, and retry, running AccuRev commands manually to debug.