Review a Commit’s Files

Use the Source Tree page to review the files (new, deleted, or modified) associated with a specific commit. Clicking a text file displays its contents in a file viewer. The contents of binary files (graphics and executables, for example) cannot be displayed.

The ability to view file contents can help developers troubleshoot problems. For example, imagine that a customer using version 6.2.1 of your software reports an error, referencing the following log message:

2014-07-07 17:27:47,858 ERROR LoginForm:83 gerrit.canonicalWebUrl must be set in gerrit.config

You could locate the v6.2.1 tag in the Source Tree page, navigate the directory path, and open to view line 83.

The Source Tree page represents a snapshot of the repository at the time of the selected commit. Each row on the page represents a directory or file in the source code. You can start from either the Commits or Source Tree page as described in the following sections.