AccuRev Servers

You use the AccuRev Servers page to associate a GitCentric user account with an AccuRev user account. You need to use this page only if you have multiple AccuRev Servers in your environment. Otherwise, the GitCentric and GitCentric user account association is managed automatically, as part of the self-registration process. (See Register with GitCentric for more information on self-registration.)
Note: Although the UI does not enforce this, you should not specify multiple user accounts on the same AccuRev Server here. If you specify more than one user ID on the same AccuRev Server, GitCentric may default to one that you did not intend. It is fine to specify multiple AccuRev Server here, with one user ID each.

To specify a GitCentric and AccuRev user account association:

  1. Click the Add button.
  2. On the panel that appears:
    1. Select the server from the AccuRev Server list.
    2. Enter your username on that server in the AccuRev Username field. The AccuRev user on this server that you use for GitCentric functions. If you are an administrator, this might be an account like acserver if you have legacy AccuRev systems. See the GitCentric Installation and Release Notes for a discussion about this user account.
    3. Enter the password associated with that username in the Password field.
  3. Click the Save button to register the account.