How to Restore GitCentric

To restore GitCentric:
  1. Stop the GitCentric server using
  2. Run -l <path to gc_home> <backup.tar file>


    • <path to gc_home> is the full path to the GitCentric home directory to which you want to restore.
    • <backup.tar file> is the name of the .TAR file created by

    For example:

    ./ -l /home/gitcentric/AccuRevGitCentric kando_backup_site_etc_<20150213>.tar
  3. Review the output and perform any required actions. See Restore Scenarios for more information on restore situations you may encounter.
  4. Restart Tomcat web server:
    Note: Make sure that the user starting Tomcat web server has write access to the logs, temp, webapps, and work directories in <ac_home>/WebUI/tomcat. This user should have read access to all other Tomcat web server directories and files.