Commands for Backup and Restore

GitCentric provides two sets of commands for backing up and restoring GitCentric:,

The command backs up the GitCentric databases, your Git repositories, and your configuration files.

Likewise, copies all required files to the new location.

Use these commands any time you wish to completely back up GitCentric. You should also use these commands when migrating GitCentric from one server to another.

Note: Micro Focus recommends that you use the and commands to back up and restore GitCentric as described in the remainder of this section.

backupdbs, restoredbs

The low-level backupdbs and restoredbs commands, as the names imply, back up and restore only the GitCentric databases. Other important data, like your Git repositories and configuration files are not backed up by the backupdbs command.

backupdbs and restoredbs are kandoMaintain commands. See kandoMaintain Utility for more information.

You might wish to use these commands if your current backup strategy includes a third-party tool for backing up your repositories.

Note: If you are currently using backupdbs and restoredbs to back up GitCentric, you can continue to do so.

Best Practices

Micro Focus recommends that you back up GitCentric on a daily basis, every night, for example. You can back up GitCentric at any time, but we recommend that you choose a time of light system usage.

Tip: Consider creating a cron job for GitCentric backups. For examples of cron jobs, see Set Up Gerrit Garbage Collection.