Register with GitCentric

When any user logs into GitCentric for the first time, GitCentric prompts that user through a self-registration process. This is provided so that users with valid AccuRev accounts do not need to involve an administrator to get set up on GitCentric:

Enter your information as follows:

  1. Full Name: Your real name (unless this is an account for a role such as “Guest User”).
  2. Preferred Email: Enter the same email address here that you specify for the Git configuration for your clones. If these do not match, pushes from your clone will fail. If you need to maintain multiple email addresses, you can add them later at My Account > Contact Information. (See Contact Information in the GitCentric user’s Help.)
  3. SSH key: Click Add and copy the contents of your SSH public key file here (see Initial GitCentric Log In) and Save it.
    Note: If your AccuRev user account is already associated with an SSH public key, that key will be automatically inserted in this field.) Your public SSH key file is typically ~/.ssh/ You can choose to do this later through My Account > Public Keys (see the GitCentric on-line help), but until this is set, you will not be able to use ssh protocol for Git clone, pull, and push operations.

  4. Click Continue when done.