Using kandoMaintain

The kandoMaintain utility is located in the bin directory where you installed GitCentric. To use kandoMaintain, the AccuRev database server must be running, but we recommend that you stop the GitCentric server, which you do by shutting down Tomcat web server, for example:

cd <ac_home>/WebUI/tomcat/bin ./

All kandoMaintain commands except help require a database administrator user and password. You can enter the user name and password on the command line with the -u and -P options, respectively. If you do not supply these, kandoMaintain will prompt you for them. You can also provide either or both of these values in a text file and provide a path to the file (see the -Fc <path> option).

Note: Providing the database password in a script or in a configuration file can compromise system security. Make sure that such files are protected and not generally accessible.

The commands to make, remove, upgrade, back up, or restore a database (mkdb, rmdb, upgradedb, backupdbs, restoredbs) prompt you to confirm the operation before proceeding. This confirmation prompt can be overridden with the -y option.