Configuring Multiple Git Repos with AccuRev and EACLs

In AccuRev, it is a fairly common practice to configure depots and files with ACLs so that only certain users can access them. For example, assume that you hire a remote contract company to develop code for an optional feature to your main product line. You might want to give staff in corporate headquarters access to all files and directories, while restricting access of the remote team to just those files and directories that they need to get the job done.

By setting up ACLs in the AccuRev environment, and then mapping Git repositories and branches to these AccuRev depots and streams, you can give the remote team access to just the repo containing their files, while giving your local teams access to the repo that contains all your files (see Scenarios for Mapping Multiple Repositories to a Single Stream).

For information about setting up ACLs in the AccuRev environment, see the following AccuRev documentation: