AccuRev Servers

The AccuRev Servers panel displays information about configured AccuRev Servers and allows you to add or remove them from GitCentric.

When you click the Add button, the Servers page expands to display the fields you use to add an AccuRev Server to GitCentric. These fields are summarized below:

AccuRev Server
The host name or IP address of the AccuRev Server you wish to associate with one or more repos, or the IP address for an AccuRev Server with multiple IP addresses. (The name of the server you first logged in to GitCentric with, see Log In to GitCentric, is automatically added to the GitCentric database.)

If you specify localhost, this indicates an AccuRev Server on the GitCentric host, not necessarily the machine where you are running your browser.

This is typically 5050 for mostAccuRev Servers, but the administrator may have changed it to something different.
AccuRev CLI Path
This is the path to the AccuRev Client executable on the GitCentric server that should be used to communicate with a particular AccuRev Server. For example:

For more information, see CLI Path Setting.