AccuRev Groups

Note: This section is for system administrators only.
AccuRev groups are a special case handled by GitCentric.

If your account is a member of a group in AccuRev, that group will be created in GitCentric as soon as you log in, and the group will be named with the format:

Note: AccuRev group hierarchies are not replicated in GitCentric: if you belong to Group1 and also to a subgroup of Group1 named Group2, GitCentric creates two peer-level groups: AccuRev.Group1 and AccuRev.Group2.

If you have upgraded to GitCentric from the Kando 2012.1 release, you probably have a kando_admin administrators group on your AccuRev Server. If so, when GitCentric creates the AccuRev.kando_admin group, it automatically grants this group Administer Server permission. You can check this using the Global-Capabilities section on the Repositories page. (Click the Administration button, then click Repositories. On the Repositories page, click the All-Projects repository and the Access menu.)

Note: If you have multiple AccuRev Server, groups with the same name from all AccuRev Server are combined in GitCentric.

AccuRev groups created in GitCentric are read-only in the UI: you can see the properties and current members, but you cannot modify them. Membership in an AccuRev group in GitCentric is only updated upon login. If you change a user's group membership in AccuRev, it will not change for the GitCentric user until that user logs out (either explicitly, or due to a session time-out) from GitCentric and then logs back in.