Starting from the Commits Page

To review the files in a commit from the Commits page:

  1. Click the Commits tab to display the Commits page. The Repo and Branch fields retain their last values, even if they were set on the Source Tree or Branches pages.
  2. Select the repository from the Repo list. If available, the master branch for the repository you choose is selected by default in the Branch field. Otherwise, GitCentric displays the first branch in the repository based on an alphanumeric sort.
  3. Optionally, use the Branch list to choose a branch other than master or a tag.
    Tip: The list includes only branches by default. You can also include (or restrict the list to) tags, which are often used to mark important milestones like release points (v2.0, for ). If you choose a tag, GitCentric changes the Branch icon and label to Tag: .
    GitCentric refreshes the Commits page to update the starting point of the history. Each row represents a single commit, starting with the most recent. Scroll the page to reach the origin of the commit graph.
  4. Locate the commit whose files you want to review and click the Source Tree link.
    Tip: If you want to review the files for the first commit in the current branch or tag, click the Source Tree tab.
    The Source Tree page appears. See Information Displayed on the Source Tree Page for more information.
  5. Click the folders associated with the gravatar of the user whose commit you are reviewing. GitCentric updates the path displayed in Current Directory field as you navigate the source tree.
    Tip: The name of this field changes to Current File when you select a file for viewing.