Configure the Clone for Code Review (Optional)

If you will be using GitCentric’s optional Gerrit Code Review functionality as part your development, you must configure your clone as follows:

  1. Enter:
    git config remote.origin.push 'refs/heads/*:refs/for/*'
    This causes files to be pushed to a special branch for code review.
  2. Copy the commit-msg hook to the .git/hooks/ directory of each clone. For example:
    scp -p -P <port><server>:hooks/commit-msg .git/hooks/


    SSHD listener port (typically 29418).
    Host where GitCentric is installed.
If you will not be using Gerrit Code Review, and you are pushing directly to the repository, then leave this step out. In either case, ensure that your GitCentric administrator has set push and other ACL permissions correctly for either the Gerrit Code Review or direct push environment. See Configure Access Rights (ACLs) for a Repo.