Log In to GitCentric

  1. Navigate to the GitCentric web server. For example:
    You will see the following log-in screen and the GitCentric menus will be displayed, although some will be disabled until you log in.

    Note: The very first user to log in to GitCentric, who should be the administrator who installed it, will see a slightly different log-in screen, which includes a field for specifying a CLI Path. This initial login screen and procedure is described in the GitCentric Installation and Release Notes.
  2. Here are the fields that you may encounter with either of these dialogs. Most are relatively self explanatory so long as you know that the Username and Password are your credentials on the AccuRev Server.
    AccuRev Server
    This is the host of the AccuRev Server used with GitCentric. You may add other AccuRev Servers later, but this is the AccuRev Server where the GitCentric database and Tomcat web server reside, and is typically on the same machine as the GitCentric installation. The value can be the name of the server, an IP address (not recommended), or localhost. Note that if you are connecting to GitCentric from a remote machine via your web browser, localhost indicates the AccuRev Server on the host you are connecting to, not your local machine where you started your browser. Examples:
    User Name

    The AccuRev user account on this server that you use.

    If you are an administrator, this would be the account that you use for GitCentric configuration, and might be an account such as acserver if you have legacy AccuRev systems.

    For example: <gc_installer>.
    The password for the specified AccuRev user. For example: <gc_installer_password>.