Adding a Member to a Group

Any member you wish to add to a group must exist in the AccuRev Server with which GitCentric was configured during installation. You cannot use this procedure to create members.
Note: This section is for system administrators only.

To add a user to a GitCentric group:

  1. Click the Administration button, then click the People menu to display the Groups page. (See Administration for reference information).
  2. Click the group to which you wish to add a member from the Group Name column. The page is refreshed to show general content.
  3. Click the Members menu.

  4. Click the Add button for the members table. A new panel appears to allow you to specify the user by name or email
  5. Start to enter a value in the Name or Email field. GitCentric provides type-ahead choice of valid users.
  6. Select the user you wish to add and click Save.