CLI Path Setting

When logging into GitCentric for the first time, or when configuring an AccuRev Server to work with GitCentric, you are prompted to enter a value for the CLI Path. This is the full path to the AccuRev Client executable on the GitCentric server that should be used to communicate with the AccuRev Server. For example:


where <ac_home> is the actual install directory, such as /opt/accurev.

The GitCentric server requires either a master AccuRev Server or a compatible AccuRev Client installed locally. In the case where you are using AccuRev Servers of different revision levels, you must have a compatible client installed on the GitCentric server machine for each version of the AccuRev Server you are using, and each must be configured with GitCentric using its specific path. For example, if you need to work with two AccuRev Servers, one running version 5.6 and one running version 5.7, you would need two AccuRev Clients installed on the GitCentric server: one 5.6 AccuRev Client to work with the 5.6 AccuRev Server, and a separate 5.7 AccuRev Client to work with the 5.7 AccuRev Server.