Create an SSH key

This section applies to all GitCentric users, whether you are an administrator or an end user.

Note: General SSH documentation is beyond the scope of this document. We recommend that you use your favorite search engine to find information about the topic. However, GitCentric administrators should know that the GitCentric installer now includes an SSHD daemon, and the product now includes a self-registration feature. This means that you no longer need to manually install and configure an SSH server, and you no longer need to create and register SSH keys for your users.
  1. If you know what an SSH public key is, and you know that you have one, and you know where your public key file is, you are all set! You can skip ahead to the next section.
  2. If you need to generate a key, use the following syntax: > ssh-keygen -t rsa -C "<yourEmailAddress>@<>"
    Note: If you are an end-user on a Microsoft Windows machine, you should install a Git Microsoft Windows client such as msysGit, which includes ssh-keygen. See for more information.
Make note of where your public key is stored. Typically it is in ~/.ssh/ (or C:\users\<youraccount>\.ssh\ on Windows). You will need it when you first log in to GitCentric.

For more information, see Public Keys.