GitCentric Bridge Configuration Settings

Here are the configuration values that can be set with:
kandoMaintain addconfig -n <name> -v <value>

The bridge is the webapp <tomcat_home>/webapps/kandoBridge that keeps your Git repositories and AccuRev streams in sync.

Value: Full path and name of Git executable. Typically set by the GitCentric installer and should not need to be modified. If this value is not defined, GitCentric uses the PATH to find the Git executable.
Value: Full path and name of a log file. DEBUG ONLY. Use only when directed by Micro Focus support. This log shows each AccuRev command that gets executed by the bridge. For Code Review and UI logging, see: <gc_home>/site/etc/gerrit.config
Value: [Y|y] . DEBUG ONLY. Use only when directed by Micro Focus Support. Y specifies to not delete temporary files (from xmlpromote, fast-import, misc. messages, etc.) that are generated in $CATALINA_HOME/temp.
Value: AllowAnyHost. DEBUG. (Case sensitive.) By default GitCentric recognizes trigger events only from trusted servers. Use this setting to troubleshoot if a trusted server is having difficulty communicating with GitCentric.
Value: [0-100]. Value for matching the Git rename detection threshold, so that a file delete/replace can be identified as a rename operation, allowing AccuRev to track the history of a renamed file. The default value is 50 which is the same as the default Git setting. Only adjust this value if renames are not identified accurately.
Value: URL of the GitCentric bridge. Allows you to set the URL of the GitCentric bridge. Used when the GitCentric server and AccuRev Server are on different hosts. For example: http://<host name>:8080/KandoBridge where <host name> is the name or IP address of the GitCentric server host.