Differences from Standalone Gerrit Code Review

You access Gerrit Code Review from the Code Review tab in the GitCentric GUI. Log-in and registration are handled through the GitCentric GUI. See Log In to GitCentric.

If you are familiar with Gerrit Code Review, you may notice the following differences from a standalone Gerrit Code Review installation.


Top-level menu items take you to the GitCentric GUI:

  • Project takes you to the Repositories page.
  • People takes you to the Groups page.
  • Commits takes you to the Commits page.
The Settings link takes you to the My Account page in the GitCentric GUI.
The SHA of the GitCentric build you are using.
Use this link to contact Micro Focus customer support about an issue. Use the Report Bug link to contact Gerrit about issues with Gerrit Code Review.

Otherwise, all other Gerrit Code Review functionality is handled through the Gerrit UI, and documentation for Gerrit features is handled by the Gerrit on-line help. Gerrit Code Review has its own documentation, which you can find here: http://gerrit-documentation.googlecode.com/svn/Documentation/2.7/index.html

Tip: Administration features are accessed from GitCentric, and not the Gerrit UI. (In GitCentric, the Administration menu takes you to the Administration page in the GitCentric GUI.)