AccuRev Connector Page

Use the AccuRev Connector menu to:

AccuRev Server Connection

Server name:port
The AccuRev Server and port where the stream to be mapped exists.
The <gc_user> account that is a member of the group that is set to ASSIGN_USER_PRIVILEGE.
The password for <gc_user>.

Associate Issues With Commit

Issue Tracking System
If you are using AccuRev change packages, use this field to specify whether you are using AccuWork or a third-party product such as Rally as your issue tracking system.
Regular Expression
If AccuRev uses an issue tracking system (either AccuWork, or a third-party system such as Rally), you can specify a regular expression here to enforce comment requirements for AccuRev change packages. Populating this field enables change package integration; leaving it blank disables it.

Branch Stream Mappings

The branch that you want to map to an AccuRev stream.
AccuRev Depot
The AccuRev depot containing the stream that the Git branch is mapped to.
AccuRev Stream
The AccuRev stream to which the current branch is to be mapped.
Mount Point
The directory in the mapped stream to which the branch is to be synchronized. Navigate to the mount point in the graphical tree and click it to populate the Mount Point field.
Initial Synchronization
This determines in which direction the first mapping will occur. If you are importing an existing repo into AccuRev, select Commit Git content to AccuRev. If you are exporting the existing content of an AccuRev stream to a newly mapped repo, select Commit AccuRev content to Git.