Watched Repositories (Projects)

Note: Gerrit Code Review often uses the term Project to refer to a repository. AccuRev uses the terms repository or repo when referring to a repository, and reserves the term project when referring to specific Gerrit functionality, or when referring to some kind of planned or defined undertaking.

The Watched Repositories page allows you to identify the repositories whose changes you want to track.

Click the Add button to add a repository to the Watched Repositories page and to optionally configure Gerrit Code Review to send an email notification whenever a change occurs in that repo.

When adding a repo, use the Browse button to navigate to the repo of interest.

If you want to specify conditions under which you want to be notified of a change (perhaps you are interested only in changes to a specific branch, for example), see the Searching Changes topic in the Gerrit Code Review documentation to learn more about search operations and search expression syntax.