Configure AccuRev

Note: This section is for system administrators only.
  1. On the AccuRev Server, make sure that has been installed in the directory <ac_home>/storage/site_slice/triggers. See the GitCentric Installation and Release Notes for details. (You will need to do this for each AccuRev Server that works with GitCentric. For now, we assume that you are configuring just your first AccuRev Server.)
  2. Configure a stream to which your Git repository branch will map. Some guidelines:
    • Identify the stream where you will be sharing files between AccuRev and Git. Determine which directory in this stream will be the mount point.
    • Alternatively, if you need include/exclude rules to control which elements are visible to GitCentric, create a pass-through stream underneath the target stream, configure your include/exclude rules on the pass-through stream, and map to that instead. (For best performance, if the target stream contains cross-links, create a pass-through stream and exclude the cross-links.)
    • You cannot use the root stream of a depot for GitCentric, so if you are targeting the root, you must create a sub-stream to map.
    • If you will be using AccuRev element ACLs to control access to AccuRev-controlled files, make sure that your users, groups, and EACLs are defined and applied the way you want them.

      For example, you may plan to have one Git repository available to a remote team that will have only limited access to your files, while another Git repo is used by your own, local development team that will expect to have access to all engineering files. In this case, you would want to set up your EACLs in AccuRev so that the remote user group will see only the files they need. See the EACL documentation in the AccuRev Administrator’s Guide for information about configuring this aspect of security.