Modifying the replication.config File

Note: This section is for system administrators only.

Gerrit Code Review uses a replication.config file to identify the URL of the server to which changes will be replicated. For example:

[remote "host-one"]
url =${name}.git

A sample replication.config is installed to <gc_home>site/etc. To use this file:

  1. Uncomment the example.
    Tip: Consider copying the example and using that copy to specify the URLs for one or more remote hosts.
  2. Change the sample values for values applicable to your environment.
  3. Stop Gerrit Code Review, which you can do by stopping the Tomcat web server. For example:
    cd <ac_home>/WebUI/tomcat/bin
  4. Restart Gerrit Code Review. For example:
    cd <ac_home>/WebUI/tomcat/bin
    Note: Make sure that the user starting Tomcat web server has write access to the logs, temp, webapps, and work directories in <ac_home>/WebUI/tomcat. This user should have read access to all other Tomcat web server directories and files.