The gitcentric ls-repo command lists GitCentric configuration information.


gitcentric ls-repo [--all] [--help] [<reponame>...] [--]

Specify one or more repositories to display with arguments <repo_1> through <repo_n>. Note that only repos that are eligible to be mapped to AccuRev are listed, so a parent-only repo is not displayed, even if its children are. Use the ssh gerrit ls-projects --type ALL command to list all repos.


Display all repositories that are accessible by the calling user. (Specifying --all is the same as specifying no options at all.)
--help, -h
Display the help for this command.
End-of-options marker. See Basic Syntax for more details.


> ssh -p 29418 mylogin@myserver gitcentric ls-repo -all


Any registered user. You will only see repositories to which you have at least Read access.