Basic Syntax

The GitCentric CLI commands are executed as SSH remote commands, which require that you have an SSH client installed. The syntax for a GitCentric CLI command executed from SSH is:

ssh -p <port> <user>@<host> gitcentric [<command>] [[<arg>]...]] [--help] [--]
GitCentric port number, typically 29418.
The SSH user account used with GitCentric (for example myusername@localhost).
May be one of the following:
  • config-branch
  • config-repo
  • delete-repo
  • ls-repo
One or more arguments to pass to <command>. These vary based on command.
--help, -h
Displays the on-line help for the current command. Specifying --help with no other arguments (for example, gitcentric --help) returns a list of all available sub-commands.
Specifies that the rest of the command line is to be considered arguments, not options. For example, if you need to pass a repo name that starts with - you would precede it with --. After using --, you cannot pass any further options on that command line.
For example:
...config-repo Repo1 Repo2 -- -Repo3 Repo4 -Repo5