Multiple Repos and Multiple Servers

The diagram in Basic Architecture illustrates a simple case of a single Git repository being associated with a single AccuRev Server through GitCentric.

The diagrams in Scenarios for Mapping Multiple Repositories to a Single Stream illustrate multiple repositories being mapped to a single AccuRev server.

However, GitCentric can also configure multiple Git repositories with multiple AccuRev Servers. For example, you could have one repo associated with one AccuRev Server, and two other repos associated with a different AccuRev Server. (However, a single repo cannot be associated with multiple AccuRev Servers. And having multiple GitCentric servers configured with the same AccuRev Server is not supported.)

If you choose to configure multiple AccuRev Servers, we strongly recommend that you use the same GitCentric administrator user and password for all AccuRev Servers to avoid the need to constantly log in and out as you move between servers.

Note: If you choose, you can administer your Git repos with GitCentric and not have their branches mapped to any AccuRev streams at all. You do need to associate a Git repository with an AccuRev Server for security purposes, but you do not need to have its branches mapped to use GitCentric.