Create a Clone From a GitCentric Repository

The procedure for creating a local clone from a GitCentric repository is a basic Git operation:
  1. Type in:
    git clone ssh://<gitCentricLogin>@<gitCentricServer>:<port>/<repoName> <cloneName>


    AccuRev username you specified in Log In to GitCentric.
    Host where GitCentric is installed.
    SSHD listener port (typically 29418).
    Name of the GitCentric repo.
    Name of the clone you are making of GitCentric repo.

    Notes about repo and clone names:

    • Typically <repoName> and <cloneName> will be the same, but they do not need to be.
    • If the repo has a .GIT extension, you do not need to specify it in this command.
    • By convention, only bare repos have a .GIT extension. Working repos do not. In general, you should not specify .GIT extensions when working with GitCentric.
  2. Prepare to configure the clone:
    cd <cloneTopDirectory>
  3. Configure your username:
    git config "<yourRealName>"
  4. Configure your email address:
    git config "<yourEmailAddress>"
    Note: This must be the same as your Preferred Email as referenced in Register with GitCentric, or else git push operations will fail.