Switch Between Gerrit Code Review and GitCentric

GitCentric incorporates the open-source Gerrit Code Review tool. Your site may or may not have made code review mandatory. If it is mandatory, then when you push your changes in Git, they must be approved by other reviewers before they are accepted into the repository. You may be asked to be a reviewer for other people’s changes. If code review is not mandatory at your site, then when you push your changes, they go directly into the repository.

To use GitCentric’s optional Gerrit Code Review feature, click Code Review at the top of the GitCentric UI.

Doing so displays the Gerrit Code Review interface in the same browser window previously occupied by the GitCentric UI.

There are a number of ways to return to the GitCentric UI. In Code Review, click one of the following:

Browser’s back button
The GitCentric page you were on prior to opening Gerrit Code Review.
The Repositories page (in GitCentric: Administration > Repositories).
The Groups page (in GitCentric: Administration > People).
The Commits page (in GitCentric: Commits tab)
username > Settings
The My Account page (in GitCentric: username > My Account).

Gerrit Code Review has its own documentation, which you can find here: http://gerrit-documentation.googlecode.com/svn/Documentation/2.7/index.html.

Tip: Experienced users of Gerrit Code Review should note that all administrator and user profile functions are accessed through the GitCentric UI.