Types of Label Decorations

You can specify one of two types of label decorations:

Icon decoration
A colored symbol displayed in the lower-right corner of an object’s file-type icon. Icon decorations are displayed by default, but you can turn them off if you want.
Name decoration
One or more characters appended (or prefixed) to an object’s name in the Navigator display. Name decorations are not displayed by default. You can turn them on and, optionally, change the characters used to represent the status.

The following table shows the status indicators and the label decorations that can be used to represent them.

Status Icon Decoration Default Name Decoration
(backed) green computer ^
(member) blue dot >
(modified) white wrench *
(missing) red circle ->
(overlap) white exclamation mark <>
(stale) white arrow <

Status indicators are not mutually exclusive. For example, an element’s status can include both the (modified) and (member) indicators. But Eclipse uses only one decoration on each icon/filename. The precedence order of the statuses determines which decoration is displayed. Statuses are listed in precedence order from highest to lowest in the table.