Configuring a Supported Third Party Diff or Merge Tool

To configure a third party Diff or Merge tool supported by AccuRev:
  1. Display the AccuRev page on the Eclipse Preference window by selecting Window > Preferences > Team > AccuRev from the Eclipse menu.

  2. Select the supported third-party tool from the Select Diff Tool or Select Merge Tool field.
  3. Click the Edit button. The Add/Edit Tool dialog box appears. Values in the Tool Name and Path to Tool fields are based on the tool you selected in the previous step.
  4. If the third party tool executable is not on your system’s search path, specify the complete path in the Path to Tool field.
  5. Review the command line that will be used to invoke the third party tool.

    AccuRev displays the command as it will be executed in the Command used to invoke the Diff tool (or Command used to invoke the Diff tool) field.

  6. Click OK. The Add/Edit Tool dialog box closes.
  7. Click Apply if you want to change other preferences. Otherwise, click OK.