How to Share a Eclipse Project with AccuRev

  1. In the Eclipse Navigator or Project Explorer view, right-click the project you want to share and select Team > Share Project. The Share Project dialog box appears.

  2. Select AccuRev and click Next. The Share Project with AccuRev page appears.

  3. Select the AccuRev stream in which you want to create the new workspace for your Eclipse project.
    Note: This stream should not contain any files that have the same filenames as files within the Eclipse project that you are sharing.
  4. Click Next. The Create New Workspace page appears.

  5. Optionally, change the default values for locking options and end-of-line (EOL) convention for the new workspace. If you choose either Exclusive Locking or Anchor Required locking options, you will need to perform an Anchor command on a file before editing it. See Anchor for more information.
  6. Click Finish. The workspace is created and the Promote dialog box appears. This dialog box allows you to promote the files in the shared project into the AccuRev depot.

  7. Enter a comment or select a comment from the Choose a previously entered comment field. Leave the Promote Recursively box checked, and click OK.

    The External Elements to Add and Promote dialog box appears with all elements selected.

  8. Click OK. If you do not have Change Packages implemented, the elements are promoted. If you have change packages implemented, the Select Issue dialog box appears.

  9. Select the issue against which you want to promote the project elements and click OK. The elements are promoted.