Getting Started with the Web UI

To get started in the AccuRev Web UI, choose an action from the toolbar to view or open streams or issues. The status bar at the bottom of the window displays information about the AccuRev Server and depot (if any) you are currently accessing.

For more information, see the AccuRev Web UI Online Help.

Web UI Toolbar

The toolbar at the top of the tab contains general commands:

Displays stream options that allow you search and filter streams based on various criteria, and display them in either tabular or graphical displays.
New Query
Displays the New Query tab.
Issue Queries
Displays the Query Browser.
New Issue
Creates a new AccuWork issue.
Issue Search
Opens an existing AccuWork issue (for searches by issue number) or list of issues (for full-text searches).
Updates the information shown in the active tab to reflect recent AccuRev activity.
Displays the user’s name. Clicking the down-arrow displays the Change Password dialog box.
Displays the Login dialog box, allowing you to log in as a different user.
Logs out the current user.
Displays the online help in a Web browser.