Using Alternative Diff and Merge Tools

By default, AccuRev uses its own tools to diff and merge files. If you want, you can configure:

Supported Third-Party Diff and Merge Tools

Vendor Diff Tool Support Merge Tool Support
Araxis Yes Yes
BeyondCompare Yes No
Eclipse Yes Yes
Guiffy Yes Yes
TkDiff Yes Yes

AccuRev provides preformatted command parameters for supported third-party Diff and Merge tools. To use one of these tools, all you need to do is specify the location of the tool’s executable when you configure it. See Configuring a Supported Third Party Diff or Merge Tool.

Custom Diff or Merge Tools

In the case of custom Diff and Merge tools, you need to specify the complete command parameters in addition to the executable’s location. See Command Parameters for Diff and Merge Tools.