Creating an AccuWork Query

You can create and run AccuWork queries from within your Eclipse development environment by using the AccuRev Plug-In for Eclipse integration with Mylyn.
Note: Before running AccuWork queries in a Mylyn view, you must specify a default query in the AccuWork Query Browser by right-clicking an existing query and selecting Set as Default from the context menu.

To create an AccuWork query:

  1. In Eclipse, open the Mylyn view by selecting Window > Show View > Other > Mylyn > Task List. The Task List tab is active.
  2. On the Mylyn Task List tab, click the New Task option list and select New Query. The New Query dialog box appears:

  3. Select the name of your AccuRev Server and click Next. The Edit Query dialog box appears:

  4. Specify settings in the Edit Query dialog box
    Query Title
    A name for your new query.
    The kind of query you want to construct, such as: defect, task, enhancement, story, or requirement.
    Include Completed
    Indicates that you want the query to return defects, tasks, enhancements, stories, or requirements that have already been completed.
    The owner of the query. Typically, you would select your own user name, unless you are assigning queries to other users.
    The name of the AccuRev depot that you are querying.
  5. Click Finish. The new query appears in the Task List tab in your Mylyn view, followed by the name of your AccuRev Server.