Adding an AccuWork Task Repository

Before using the AccuRev Plug-In for Eclipse integration with Mylyn, you must add an AccuWork task repository.

To add an AccuWork task repository:

  1. In Eclipse, open the Mylyn view by selecting Window > Show View > Other > Mylyn > Task Repositories. The Task Repositories tab is active.
  2. Click the Add Task Repository button . The Select a task repository type page of the Add Task Repository wizard appears:

  3. Select the AccuWork Repository option and click Next. The AccuWork Repository Settings page of the Add Task Repository wizard appears:

  4. Specify the following:
    Your AccuRev Server. The server information you enter should take the following form: <server_name>:<port_number>.
    Note: The server must be one of the AccuRev Servers that is already available to you through the AccuRev Plug-In for Eclipse.
    A name you designate for your AccuRev Server.
    The default state of the AccuRev Server is disconnected.
    User ID
    Your AccuRev user name.
    Your AccuRev password.
    Save Password
    Indicates that you want Eclipse to remember your password between sessions.
    Task Editor Settings
    Optional settings that specify the look and feel of the Task Editor.
  5. Click Validate Settings to confirm the accuracy of the AccuRev Server settings.
  6. Click Finish to apply the current settings and dismiss the dialog box.