1108489 - Updating a file through the "Add content" menu has incomplete number of revisions

Regarding add content issue, the user needs to first load the ancestor revision by selecting create review panel and then add content. If ancestor revision already exists in create review panel then the selected revision will add into the review panel else ancestor revision will be added.

1108325 - AccuRev taking too long to load, create, and add to the Pop-Up

Performance has been enhanced by reducing the number of CLI calls to almost zero or one to the maximum, for both AccuRev GUI and Atlassian Crucible.

1108035 - AccuRev Plug-In for Atlassian Crucible generates temporary files impacting performance

AccuRev Plug-In for Atlassian Crucible created temporary files, which impacted the performance of the plug-in. This issue has been resolved.