Parallel and Serial Development

Like other advanced configuration management systems, AccuRev supports parallel development:

Edit Stage
Two or more users start with the same data: a particular version of a file. Each user works on a copy of the file in his own workspace. They can keep as many (private, intermediate) versions as they wish in their workspace stream.
Merge Stage
The merge stage begins when one of the developers promotes his private version of the file to the backing stream. After that, every other developer must merge the current version in the backing stream into his own work, then promote this merged, private version. In the end, all users’ changes are incorporated into the backing stream. Conflicting changes to the file, if any, are both detected and resolved.

If two developers work on a file concurrently, a single merge-and-promote operation is required. If N developers work on a file concurrently, then N–1 merge-and-promotes are required.