Pass-Through Streams

AccuRev features a special kind of stream, called a pass-through stream. A version that is promoted to such a stream automatically passes through to the parent stream. The file doesn’t become active in the pass-through stream. It does become active in the parent of the pass-through stream.

Pass-through streams are useful for grouping lower-level streams. Most commonly, the streams to be grouped are ones built into user workspaces. For a full discussion of workspaces, see AccuRev Workspaces and Reference Trees. For example, suppose a team of four programmers often moves from project to project. AccuRev accomplishes the task of moving a programmer from Project A to Project B by reparenting the programmer’s personal stream: making it a child of the Project-B stream instead of the Project-A stream.

Reparenting all four programmers’ personal streams from the Project A stream to the Project B stream requires four separate operations. But suppose the programmers’ streams were all children of the same pass-through stream. Moving the team to a different project requires just a single operation: reparenting the pass-through stream.

The intermediate stream level doesn’t impose any extra day-to-day work on the programmers. The versions they promote automatically pass through the intermediate stream to the project stream.