Putting Data Into the Repository

A workspace enables you to create new versions of the files in a particular depot. (Each workspace is based on a particular stream, which belongs to a particular depot.) First, you use any development tools to work with the workspace’s copies of existing versions. Then, you use AccuRev commands to store new versions in the depot. In addition to creating new versions of existing files (keep command), you can use the workspace to add new files and directories to the depot (add command), rename files and directories (move command), and even rearrange the depot’s directory hierarchy (move command).

Workspaces provide an isolated, private development environment. The changes you make become public only when you enter a promote command. This creates versions of one or more elements in the parent stream. These versions are public: your changes are now visible to the entire sub-tree of streams under the parent stream.

Subsequent promotions to higher-level streams will make the changes available to a larger subtree of streams and workspaces.